SCD LogoStrategic Claims Direction (SCD) is a claims consulting firm which works with companies, insurers, risk pools, public entities, and third party administrators to improve claims management procedures and performance. Our goal is to work with you to responsibly manage your claims by improving efficiency and effectiveness to reduce claims costs and expenses. We can help in a variety of ways, depending upon your most critical needs.

We often hear comments or questions from our clients such as:
  1. We need a claims audit from an independent and experienced claims professional because
    • our board has requested one
    • a state agency requires one every X years
    • AGRiP requires one to meet certification requirements


    We are not sure our TPA, insurer, or self-administered claims program are managing claims as they should. How can we find out?


    Our claims costs keep going up even though our employee count is down OR our incident count is down OR we have done a lot to improve our claims and safety program. We are not sure why this is the case. Can you help us?

    SCD can perform a cost-effective claims audit of a sample of claims to objectively measure claims performance against leading industry practices and your company's specific performance requirements. We will then provide you with recommendations for improvement where it is needed. In many cases we can perform this through on-line access to the claims system, eliminating travel expenses.

  2. We have questions about the reasonableness of our case reserves. How can we evaluate the reserves?
  3. SCD can review the claims reserving processes and procedures to determine if they are reasonable and are being followed. We will also prepare independent assessments of the case reserves for a sample of claims. If needed, we can provide this information to your casualty actuary.

  4. We need to select a third party administrator (TPA) but need help defining our needs and evaluating responses so we get the best TPA for us. Can you help?
  5. SCD will prepare a needs assessment based on your company and its specific needs. We will then develop performance requirements, help create the Request for Proposal (RFP), and assist you through the selection process. We can also help you through the implementation or transition process if needed.

  6. We are concerned that our claims processes are inefficient. How do we assess that? Can you help?
  7. SCD can perform a claims process efficiency assessment to compare your processes and procedures with those recognized as using leading industry practices. We will identify processes to retain as well as identify redundant or unnecessary steps that should be eliminated or revised. We can also help you evaluate the roles and responsibilities of your claims personnel and determine if certain functions or responsibilities should be delegated or assigned to others.

Based on our assessment of your program, we will provide you with priorities, recommendations, and a roadmap to improve your claims program.

Gary Jennings

Gary Jennings

As founder and principal of Strategic Claims Direction, Gary has over 40 years experience in claims management, with 20 years of claims consulting experience. He has earned the CPCU, ARM, ALCM, AIC, ARe, and SCLA professional designations.Gary has experienced many different facets of claims administration, having worked for an insurer, a TPA, an independent adjusting firm, a corporate claims organization, and two of the Big 4 consulting firms prior to forming SCD. He brings real-world solutions to meet your claims management needs. Click here to see Gary's resume or View Gary Jennings's profile on LinkedIn.
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